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  • STAY TUNED: Republican Senators Announce Trump To Roll Out Bold New Immigration Proposals ‘Very Soon’


    Republican senators who met with White House officials Tuesday say President Donald Trump is set to give a major immigration speech within the coming days. “The president is going to be giving a speech on it maybe as early as later this week,” Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn said to the Washington Examiner following a closed-door meeting […] More

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  • MAGA: Trump Policies Working As RECORD NUMBER Of Immigrants Are Choosing To Remain In Mexico


    President Trump’s immigration enforcement is working. While we still want and demand our WALL, what President Trump is doing while Democrats and establishment hacks obstruct him has had a great effect, by discouraging migrants to head to the U.S. a record number of potential migrants are just deciding to stay home. Daily Caller President Donald […] More

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