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  • BREAKING: Julian Assange Just Unleashed Hillary Clinton’s WORST NIGHTMARE…This Is Huge

    Julian Assange just attacked Hillary Clinton this Sunday. Julian Assange tweeted out something mysterious about Hillary Clinton that has people guessing that something is coming for Hillary Clinton. Here is what Assange tweeted out:   4767 5774 6a7a 4d6c 6330 666b 314a 3453 0000 0907 84b4 f787 7616 86f7 a737 5707 5736 — Julian Assange […] More

  • The Reason Why Hillary’s Lies Are Still DANGEROUS, Even After The Election

    Perhaps no real harm can come from Hillary Clinton monetizing her venting about how the FBI director, Russia, Bernie Sanders and misogyny apparently conspired to deny her destined ascension to the presidency. But, it’s worth recalling that after the third presidential debate last year when then Republican candidate Donald Trump indicated he might not accept […] More