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  • WATCH: Gang Shooting In Broad Daylight Sends Upscale Diners Fleeing In Gun-Controlled DC

    On Thursday evening, a targeted shooting occurred in broad daylight in an upscale part of Northwest DC “known for its popular restaurants”. The suspects and vehicle, described as an older black sedan, were captured by a nearby camera and can be seen in video here. — DC Police Department (@DCPoliceDept) July 23, 2021 Shooting […] More

  • There Is A New Type Of Sanctuary City, But It’s Everything Liberals HATE


    Some Illinois counties have turned the term “sanctuary” on its political head in an opposition to state gun laws that they consider increasingly oppressive. Five counties have proclaimed themselves sanctuaries for gun owners, not illegal immigrants. As Fox News reports, the counties say they will tell employees that state gun control laws, which recently increased […] More