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  • Megyn Kelly’s Hypocrisy Reaches Pinnacle – Her Recent Attack On Melania Trump Won’t Blow Over Quickly


    Hypocritically, Megyn Kelly drew a nearly straight-line comparison between First Lady Melania Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels when discussing comments about the latter’s character and credibility. She left out a line though, the one that leads straight to the disappointing NBC host herself. Kelly’s panel discussion began with a video clip of Rudy Giuliani in Israel […] More

  • Incensed GQ Writer Blames Trump For EVERYTHING — And Surprise, It’s Not Olberman

    Anyone hearing that someone at GQ wrote an amazingly obtuse article about the evils of Donald Trump can be forgiven for automatically assuming that the author’s last name was ‘Olbermann’ Surprisingly it’s not, one can only assume that Gentleman’s Quarterly employees a stable of ‘journalists’ who are ummmm, slightly off kilter (which is a really […] More