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  • Gregg Abbot Warns Austin To Fix Homeless Nightmare – ‘This Is Texas…Not Liberal California!’


    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott today opened a new front in the battle for Austin’s streets. Austin, the deeply blue capital of red Texas, implemented a policy change on July 1 allowing the homeless to camp out nearly anywhere they want around the city. I’ve previously written about the policy here, here, here, and here. Since July 1, tent- and […] More

  • Sanctuary Cities Suffer Devastating Blow As US Appeals Court Upholds Texas Law


    A federal appeals court upheld a majority of Texas law that targets sanctuary cities and cracks down on illegal immigration Tuesday afternoon. A three-judge panel in New Orleans’ 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Texas’ current immigration enforcement laws are constitutional. Senate Bill 4 enacted the law allowing local law enforcement officers to question the immigration […] More