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  • Two Boston Police Officers Show The Human and Patriotic Side of Policing – ‘Beautiful Voices. This Is Who We Are!’


    A pair of Boston police officers ushered in this holiday week with a patriotic song that has inspired thousands “from the mountains to the prairies.” With political, racial, and other divisions plaguing society, Independence Day carves a moment in the middle of the nation’s week for Americans to remember their blessings and celebrate the country’s […] More

  • POLL: Should America Remain A Christian Nation?


    A recent string of Leftist tirades has lumped ‘white-conservative-Christians’ with white supremacists, stating that white Christians, especially fundamental and orthodox Christian groups, are racist. The Left-liberal ranters also place the growing gun violence, terrorist attacks, and all other problems facing the Nation on conservative Christians holding firm to Biblical teachings. This clearly is an absurd string […] More