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  • GM Attempts To Speed Up Ventilator Production To Meet Trump’s Requests


    General Motors is exploring how it can help a small ventilator manufacturer ramp up production, but it is unlikely to make medical equipment itself as part of a broader wartime response to the novel coronavirus, as President Trump suggested Friday. Why it matters: While GM CEO Mary Barra offered the automaker’s help in fighting the global […] More

  • GM Stocks Circle The Drain After Trump Ponders Putting American Tax Dollars To More Appropriate Use

    General Motors stocks closed 2.6 percent lower on Tuesday after President Donald Trump threatened to cut federal subsidies to the automaker for announcing it would be cutting thousands of American jobs. On Tuesday, the president tweeted, “Very disappointed with General Motors and their CEO, Mary Barra, for closing plants in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland. Nothing being closed […] More

  • Trickle Down Doesn’t Work? Tell That To GM Workers Who Just Got This INCREDIBLE News

    The headlines across the country are in, and they’re reporting a MAJOR win for President Trump’s new tax programs: GM GIVES 50,000 WORKERS $11,750 “CRUMBS” DUE TO TAX CUT. A $7.3 billion accounting charge pushed General Motors into a $3.9 billion net loss for 2017, but without the expense the company posted record per-share earnings. […] More