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  • Google Caught Blocking Conservative News Site – Reason Why Is Infuriating!

    Google has rejected an application from conservative website The Gateway Pundit to appear in Google News search results. In an email to the Gateway Pundit, Google claimed that it could not provide specific reasons why the site had been rejected. Instead, the tech giant provided two “common reasons for rejection,” although it would not say […] More

  • LIBERAL FAIL! America Is Laughing Hard After Trump Jr. Brutally Destroys Keith Olbermann

    Keith Olbermann is a rabid anti-Trump basher who never, ever seems to shut his big mouth. He always, always, has some rant or another aimed at Trump. As each rant gets more hysterical, Keith loses more credibility. He had barely any left and today, and Donald Trump Jr. just finished him off with one devastating […] More