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  • Student REFUSES To Be Victim! Sues College For Punishing Him For Owning A Gun


    A student is reportedly preparing to sue Fordham University after the school demanded an apology for an Instagram post showing him holding an AR-15 in solidarity with the Tiananmen Square protesters. Austin Tong, a Chinese immigrant, has been barred from the university campus and is required to undergo mandatory “implicit bias” training, The Washington Free Beacon reported. […] More

  • Republican Students KICKED OUT Of On-Campus Coffee Shop Over MAGA Hats

    Students at Fordham University were kicked out of an on-campus coffee shop over their “Make America Great Again” hats, due to a “safe space” policy. In a video shared by Campus Reform, several Trump-supporting Fordham students were kicked out of an on-campus coffee shop for their “Make America Great Again” apparel. “You are threatening the integrity of […] More