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  • WATCH: Sen. Josh Hawley Completely HUMILIATES James Comey For His Lies And Deep State Corruption


    Finally “Cardinal” Comey meets his match. Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri destroys Comey in yesterday’s hearing before the US Senate. Fired FBI Director Jim Comey, who was right in the middle of the coup to remove President Trump from office, was in front of the US Senate yesterday.  He spoke from home while the Senate […] More

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  • Trump Just Revealed That He May Have New DAMNING Info On FBI And Hillary That Could SHUT THEM DOWN For Good


    President Trump launched a tweet that has many people wondering what’s coming next. In the tweet, President Trump bashed the rigged witch-hunt and laid the blame for the phony probe at the feet of Democrats and Hillary. But it was what he said at the end that has people wondering what could be happening next. […] More

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  • FBI Agent Resigns For The Most RIDICULOUS Reason Ever

    Agent Josh Campbell quit the FBI this week, and then wrote a long whiny op-ed for The New York Times. You can’t help but roll your eyes when you hear his reason for resigning: It is just so MEAN that people are exposing corruption in the FBI, and he just can’t handle it. As far […] More

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