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  • This Dad Raped and Murdered His 3-Week Old Daughter – Should He Get The Death Penalty?


    A California man has been convicted for the murder of his 3-week-old daughter after allegedly sexually assaulting her. The Inquisitr reports that Matthew Warner, 30, will be spending 50 years prison for his horrendous crimes. The incident occurred in January, when Warner reported his daughter, Ellorah, missing. He said he was watching her while his wife was working and that someone might have taken […] More

  • Omar Mateen’s Wife Goes MISSING Days After Orlando Shooting

      Days after the Orlando terrorist attack that has left 49 people dead, the wife of shooter Omar Mateen has gone missing. This came one day after she admitted to police that she had known the shooting was going to happen and did nothing to stop it. According to Right Wing News, police went to the home of Seddique […] More