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  • Insane Environmentalists In Sweden Suggest CANNIBALISM To Stop Climate Change


    After reading this, you may never eat another Swedish meatball. While the Green New Deal had been the epitome of “The sky is falling; let’s save the planet!” lunacy, it has been topped by Swedish behavioral scientist Magnus Söderlund’s brainchild: Eating human flesh to preserve the environment. As Summit News reports: Appearing on Swedish television to talk […] More

  • Liberal Tree-Huggers Want CONVICTED FELONS To Be Able To Vote Because ‘Global Warming’


    Environmentalists joined the far-left campaign to give voting rights to incarcerated felons, arguing felon voting is crucial to fighting global warming. “Until each and every one of them have their voting rights restored, the movement for climate justice — and every progressive cause — will be severely disadvantaged,” Sabelo Narasimhan, digital campaign manager for, […] More