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  • Reports Show Employers Experiencing Immense Confidence In The Economy All Because Of One KEY FIGURE!


    The third-quarter report of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Index shows “employers are experiencing high levels of confidence about the state of their local economies and their financial future” during President Donald Trump’s tenure. The Small Business Index is a multiyear collaboration by MetLife and the U.S. Chamber “to elevate the voice of […] More

  • NTY Columnist David Brooks: ‘Americans Are INFERIOR To Immigrants In EVERY WAY’

    New York Times columnist David Brooks tells his friends that the costs imposed by cheap-labor immigration don’t exist because, really, Americans are just inferior to immigrants in every way. He writes: Over all, America is suffering from a loss of dynamism. New business formation is down. Interstate mobility is down. Americans switch jobs less frequently […] More

  • POLL: Is Capitalism The Best Economic System?


    Democrats are slowly but surely trying to turn this into a socialist country.  We have a solid, open, and opportunistic economy, but it is slowly being torn to shreds. Capitalism drives us to make money, to make corporations that provide jobs, and to create the goods and services which gives Western society its high quality […] More