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  • Donald Jr. Completely DESTROYS Hillary in a Series of Tweets During Her Idiotic Grammys Speech

    The Grammys are almost always the least-watched awards ceremony each year, with the MTV Movie Awards even getting higher ratings, but that didn’t stop failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton from going on TV and making a total fool of herself. President Donald Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., tore into the sore loser like a tornado in […] More

  • Remorseful ‘Sloppy Steve’ Crawls Back To Trump With Apology, Pledges Loyalty After Trashing It

    Former White House Chief Strategist and Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon apologized exclusively via Axios for statements made in Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury regarding the president, the Trump family, and his advisers. Bannon, one time thought to be a mobilizing force within the Trump White House, was quickly condemned earlier this week after it became apparent that he […] More