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  • Popular Comic Strip Artist Says That The Midterm Elections Will See The Greatest GOP Turnout In History – Will He Be Right?


    Scott Adams, the creator the popular comic strip “Dilbert,” has a prediction for the 2018 midterms. He says that 2018 will be the greatest turnout by the GOP in history. His reasoning? “Partly because they have something to lose, and partly because it might be the most fun day they’ve experienced since 2016.” Watch the […] More

  • ‘Dilbert’ Creator, Scott Adams, Says Trump Will Win In a LANDSLIDE

    Scott Adams, the creator of the famous Dilbert cartoon, has been vocal recently about his opinions of the Presidential candidates and, especially, his opinion that Donald Trump is a master of the ‘powers of persuasion’. Adams, in recent interviews with CNN and Bill Maher, said that Trump will not only win the 2016 Presidential election, but […] More