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  • Maryland School District Blows Nearly $500,000 On ‘Anti-Racist Audit’


    Unbearable? Unfathomable? Ridiculous? We are at the same loss of words as you are. The headline alone for this article would be a laughable joke about the extremes Liberals can reach but in light of 2020, a far too common and expected event. Just when we thought the battle for ‘transgender’ students and ridiculous arguments […] More

  • LOOKOUT MAXINE! America’s Most Derided Congresswoman’s Days Are Numbered


    Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has become one of the most universally derided members of Congress–among Republicans. But back in her home district, demographics are so favorably stacked that Waters comfortably glides into reelection every two years. California Hispanic Republican Omar Navarro hopes to be the underdog that finally turns California’s 43rd Congressional District red. He […] More