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  • HUGE: Major Changes At Daily Wire As Ben Shapiro OUT As Editor-In-Chief


    It’s just been announced that Ben Shapiro is leaving his role as Editor-in-Chief at the Daily Wire: THE BLAZE – Popular conservative news and commentary site the Daily Wire is celebrating their five year anniversary with the announcement of a new editor-in-chief, the company’s co-CEO Jeremy Boreing told TheBlaze in a phone and email conversation Monday. […] More

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  • Ben Shapiro Offers $10,000 To Debate Socialist Ocasio-Cortez – Her INSANE Response Shows How WARPED The Liberal Mind Truly Is…


    Is there anyone nuttier and more bizarre than the Democrat socialist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? When she’s not spewing fake news, or botching facts, Ocasio-Cortez is spouting off some of the strangest stuff we’ve ever heard. For example, after conservative Ben Shapiro offered her $10K to debate her on political issues, Ocasio-Cortez turned it into a […] More

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  • BREAKING: Leaked Email Reveals DNC Wants To WAGE WAR On Straight White Men

    Three, heck let’s call them “leaders” of the faltering Democratic Party have been busy in the last few days doing something far worse than mansplaning, they’ve been busy manshaming as in shaming men for being self righteous and entitled and, and, well….men. First came that pillar of politics (just joking) the Democratic National Convention who […] More

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