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  • Cuban Protestors SCOLD American Leftists For Idolizing ‘F**king Psycho Terrorist’ Che Guevara


    Cuban protestors sent a scolding message to the brain-dead, far-left liberals who idolize Ernesto “Che” Guevara: “He was a mass murdering psychopath terrorist.” Guevara, a wealthy Irish-Argentine communist who took part in Fidel Castro’s takeover of power in 1959, presided over the organization of firing squads to execute innocent Cubans who disagreed with Castro, and […] More

  • Black Lives Matter, Who Hates American Cops, Has Officially Endorsed Police Brutality In Cuba


    Black Lives Matter (BLM), who has consistently sided with criminals over the police here in the U.S., has stated that it wholeheartedly supports Cuba’s communist rule and police brutality against those protesting the government. BLM blamed the country’s withering on US government sanctions and accused “inhumane treatment” of Cubans in an Instagram post published on […] More