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  • HA! Pelosi Left Eating Her Words As Trump Reveals GREAT NEWS For America!


    Remember when Nancy Pelosi made her insensitive and very foolish “crumbs” comment. She was stating that the bonuses Americans were receiving from Trump’s tax breaks didn’t matter, since wages were not up yet. Pelosi’s entire argument against Trump tax cuts and his soaring economy was that wages were down. Well……Today she’ll be eating a giant […] More

  • GOP Just Brutally Humiliated Nancy Pelosi, Taxpayers Will Love This…


    Who could forget when, in the wake of the GOP tax bill, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi dubbed the 1,000 bonuses received by Home Depot employees as mere “crumbs”? As Vice President Mike Pence aptly put it, “If you’re going to say that $1,000 is crumbs, you live in a different world than I’m living.” No kidding.  Ever […] More

  • POLL: Will Trump’s Tax Break Help You?

    Tax season is here. Many Americans have already submitted their taxes and found a boost in their returns! Nancy Pelosi continues to say that Trump’s efforts are “crumbs”, but for many working Americans, an extra thousand or two is a major boon for the year. More