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  • What In The World Happened To Joe Biden’s Eye During CNN’s Townhall?

    YES! YUGE!

    Former Vice President Joe Biden’s left eye appeared to have a blood vessel burst while he was participating in CNN’s town hall on climate change. Biden has long been plagued by health issues. In 1988, he suffered an aneurysm that burst and required him to undergo emergency surgery. The then-senator was so close to death […] More

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  • HA! Law Student Has Pelosi SCRAMBLING At CNN Townhall With Collusion Question


    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was hit with a direct question right out of the gate at a CNN town hall Wednesday night with the Democrat, being asked where’s the evidence of Russian collusion? Joshua Gonzalez, a law student at Georgetown University, fired the first question of the night. vid “If Trump actually colluded with the Russians, why […] More

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