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  • Clinton Whistleblower ‘Feared for His Life’ Shortly Before Being Found Dead Of Supposed Suicide


    Just months before being found dead in his apartment, the journalist who broke the story of Bill Clinton’s 2016 tarmac meeting with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch warned colleagues and family that he feared for his life. On Saturday morning about 8 a.m., the death of 45-year-old ABC journalist Christopher Sign was discovered in his Birmingham, […] More

  • The Clinton Machine Continues as Chelsea Announces Her Intention to Enter The Political Arena


    If you thought you’d seen the last of the Clintons after Hillary’s humiliating defeat, you thought wrong. It looks as if “they’re baaaacccck.” Clinton daughter Chelsea is now making waves, saying she can’t rule out a political run. Here we go again! From Washington Examiner Chelsea Clinton is open to a career in politics like her […] More

  • BREAKING: Election Theft CONFIRMED! Rogue Electors Brief Clinton In Effort To Steal Election

    Yesterday it was revealed by this linked POLITICO article that Rogue Electors briefed the Hillary Clinton Camp on their efforts to press Electoral College Electors from casting their votes for Trump according to their State voters choice. This is confirmation of this author’s contention that Clinton/Stein/DNC and the Alt-Left are in fact now engaged in a […] More

  • FBI Files on Dead Clinton Staffer Mysteriously Go MISSING

    Documents detailing the role that Hillary Clinton played in the death of Vince Foster have vanished. Foster was the White House Counsel under President Bill Clinton who committed suicide at Fort Marcy Park along the Potomac River in July 1993. At least, that’s the official version. The role that the Clintons may have played in […] More

  • The Mysterious Deaths Surrounding Bill and Hillary

    When Bill Clinton was president I was curious about the amount of circumstantial deaths surrounding him. After all how many people have 46 people die suddenly and prematurely in their orb of associates? Maybe they have two or three on the average, but  46? Those included James McDougal, the “Clintons convicted Whitewater partner [who] died […] More