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  • Mexican Cartel Slaughters Nine US Citizens, Trump Threatens To ‘Wipe Them Off The Face Of The Earth!’


    There were nine people, all US citizens, killed by Mexican drug cartels who were shooting at each other. Trump explains what happened and offers Mexico the military assistance needed to wipe these drug cartels off the face of the earth: A wonderful family and friends from Utah got caught between two vicious drug cartels, who […] More

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  • Scouts BSA Facing Major Membership Exodus After Name Change


    The Scouts should have been prepared for this. One week after the century-old Boy Scouts of America announced it was¬†changing its name and its mission to accept girls at all levels of scouting, its single biggest participant announced Tuesday that it was cutting ties to the Scouts. And taking one-fifth of the Scouts membership with […] More

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