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  • Crooked Ilhan Omar Caught Funneling Almost 70% Of Her Campaign Funds To Her Husband’s Firm


    New Filings have revealed that the incredibly corrupt Rep. Ihan Omar has funneled nearly 70% of her campaign’s expenditures into a consulting firm owned by her husband, bringing total payments to the firm to $2.7 million for the election cycle. Campaign filings released Thursday show Omar’s campaign sent $1.1 million of the $1.6 million spent by the […] More

  • Soros BUSTED Trying to RIG ELECTION; Funneling Cash To..

    There are already concerns that powerful billionaire “progressive” George Soros is interfering with the U.S. election. Critics note his relationship with the company that makes the electronic voting machines used in sixteen states. However, his name has now come up in connection with a possible case of campaign finance violations in Arizona. According to Conservative […] More

  • BREAKING: Hillary Clinton CAUGHT STEALING From Thousands of Her Own Supporters

    Multiple sources have confirmed that the Hillary Clinton campaign has been systematically stealing donations from possibly thousands of Clinton supporters, many of whom are living near poverty or low income. The Wells Fargo fraud department was inundated with calls from low-income Clinton supporters reporting repeated unauthorized charges to their accounts. Hillary for America processed a total […] More