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  • Trump Scores MAJOR Victory Against Sanctuary Cities After Ninth Circuit Court Ruling


    In a late Friday decision, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the U.S. Department of Justice can prioritize federal funding to cities that aid fighting illegal immigration, while denying grants to those that don’t. In a three judge panel decision, Judges Sandra Ikuta and Jay Bybee voted 2-1 to overturn a circuit court […] More

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  • GOP Rep. Martha McSally Makes New Proposal For Trump Wall That Will Have You Shouting YES!


    As the Trump administration locks horns with the state of California over sanctuary city policies and immigration, one Republican lawmaker thinks its time to build a wall between the Golden State and its neighbor. Rep. Martha McSally is looking to protect her state from California’s “dangerous policies.” “As we look in Arizona, we often look […] More

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