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  • Liberal Church In California Mocks Trump By Putting Nativity Scene In Cages


    How far has the left fallen that their churches can’t even celebrate the birth of Jesus without taking jabs at President Trump? A liberal church in California has turned their traditional Nativity scene into a virtue-signaling statement on open borders immigration. The United Methodist Church, which has grown increasingly liberal in recent years according to […] More

  • Liberal Teacher And Councilman Tells Students Military Are ‘Dumbsh*ts’ [VIDEO]

    A California city councilman and high school history teacher at El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera, Calif, was caught on video disparaging the United States military and calling its members “dumbshits” who are not “high-level thinkers.” Gregory Salcido is a current member of the Pico Rivera City Council. Three profanity-laced videos surfaced on Facebook Friday […] More