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  • WATCH: Biden Uses Racist Term To Describe His Senior Black Adviser During Briefing


    President Biden is under fire again for referring to top White House adviser Cedric Richmond as a “boy” during a FEMA briefing on hurricane damage in Louisiana on Monday. “I’m here with, uh, my senior adviser and, uh, boy who knows Louisiana very, very well, man, and New Orleans, Cedric Richmond,” Biden said. RT reports: […] More

  • 12-Year-Old Bullied For Supporting Trump Has EPIC Response For His Tormentors

    There have been numerous incidents of individuals being assaulted, bullied and harassed simply due to the fact that they support Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, even when those supporters are young school students. That is what happened to 12-year-old Colorado resident Weston Imer, who was bullied by classmates last year for supporting the GOP candidate. So he […] More