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  • Trump Won’t Stop ‘Til It’s Built – Requests $8.6 Billion For Border Wall In 2020 Budget


    President Donald Trump will try a third time to get the funding needed to build his signature anti-illegal immigration measure, a complete wall across the United States’ southern border. This time, though, the President will up the ane, requesting a staggering $8.6 billion to finish major sections of the wall, and begin construction in earnest […] More

  • WATCH: Jim Jordan DEMANDS Congress DO THEIR JOB And Stand With Trump On Border Funding


    Monday on “Fox & Friends,” House Freedom Caucus co-founder Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) predicted there would not be a government shutdown over the $5 billion border wall funding. Jordan was asked for a “one-word prediction” on if the government would shut down. “No,” he replied. Jordan shared that he thinks there will be enough votes […] More