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  • WH Deputy Press Secretary Threatens A Female Reporter, “I Will Destroy You” — Biden Puts Him On One Week Suspension


    A senior White House employee threatened a female reporter and Biden broke his promise to ‘fire him on the spot.” White House Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo attempted to quash a story about his relationship with Axios reporter Alexi McCammond “by issuing threats and using derogatory language to another reporter pursuing it,” according to a […] More

  • Biden Breaks Yet Another Massive Promise — He’s Putting Kids Back In Cages!


    Biden is breaking promises at record pace. The Democrats cried for the last 4 years that President Trump was putting “kids in cages” (ignoring that those cages were built by Obama), but Biden is now re-opening those cages. On Tuesday, the Biden administration announced they were re-opening facilities that house the children of illegal immigrants, despite previous […] More