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  • Biden’s Coronavirus Taskforce Is Chock-Full Of Rockefeller And Gates Foundation Minions!


    As the media-ordained President-Elect Joe Biden announces his Coronavirus Task Force it is becoming increasingly clear that a Biden/Harris administration will be controlled by the usual globalist power players including Rockefeller and Bill Gates. On Monday, Joe Biden announced the creation of a COVID-19 Transition Advisory Board and a Coronavirus Task Force that will assume […] More

  • AOC Makes Exhaustive Demands Of Comrade Biden, Suffers From Delusion Of Grandeur


    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has apparently learned nothing from the unexpected losses for Democrats in the House. The 2020 election was supposed to add another 5-15 seats to the majority. Instead, Republicans shocked the prognosticators and are poised to move within 4-5 seats of retaking the chamber, setting themselves up nicely for 2022. But AOC is taking […] More