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  • The Taliban Has Almost Entirely Retaken Afghanistan After Biden’s U.S. Surrender [VIDEO]


    President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has left the country in shambles and the Taliban wasted no time in striking, now controlling large swaths of the country as the remaining Afghan forces give little resistance. The Taliban have begun releasing propaganda videos documenting their triumphs. New look propaganda #Taliban isn’t just about optics. Reports by UN […] More

  • Fox News’ Juan Williams Laughably Claims Trump Is In A “Jealous Rage” At Biden’s “Success” As President


    Fox News host Juan Williams recently penned an op-ed featured in The Hill, claiming that former President Donald Trump is “green with envy” and in a “jealous rage” of President Joe Biden’s accomplishments since taking office. Williams starts the op-ed by congratulating Biden for “cutting” COVID infections in half. There is no evidence supporting the claim […] More