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  • Changes In 2020 Census May Shift Power From Illegal Alien-Flooded Coasts To True Blue Citizens In Mid-America

    YES! YUGE!

    Counting American citizens on the 2020 Census, as President Donald Trump’s administration has announced they will do, is likely to shift power away from coastal states harboring large illegal alien populations and towards middle America. The addition of the citizenship question to the Census does not come with the mandate that congressional apportionments for each […] More

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  • California Spits In The Face Of Citizen’s Rights – Appoints Illegal Immigrant To Statewide Position


    Who needs E-Verify when you can appoint an illegal alien to a statewide post? As with a host of other looney, infuriating, and/or illegal things, California is the first state to have done exactly that. The California State Senate has appointed an illegal alien who is both an attorney—legally permitted to practice law in the […] More

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  • Democrats No Longer See It As Their Duty To Put American Citizens First

    The first month of 2018 has witnessed two major battles that may appear unrelated, but are in fact manifestations of the same surprising development – a significant number of leaders in the Democratic Party no longer see it as their duty to put American citizens first. First, we have the budget battle over the continuing resolution […] More

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