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  • Kavanaugh VINDICATED After ABA Makes Right Call On Review


    The American Bar Association (ABA) is dropping its review of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh‘s “well qualified” rating, saying it is no longer applicable because he was confirmed to the high court. An ABA source speaking on the condition of anonymity told CNN the association ends rating processes when nominees are confirmed. “Per the published policy and historical […] More

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  • Senate Judiciary Fights Fire With Fire – Now Ford’s Lawyers Are Being Held To Account For A HUGE Legal Violation!


    A statement issued on Tuesday by the Senate Judiciary Committee suggests that Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team may have violated the ABA’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct by apparently withholding key information from their client. During the explosive hearing on Thursday, Ford made clear that she did not know that the Senate Judiciary Committee had […] More

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