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  • UNTHINKABLE: Biden Abandons THOUSANDS of Americans in Afghanistan, Tells Them To “Go Hide Somewhere”

    Joe Biden has officially abandoned thousands of stranded American citizens in Adghanistan, ordering them “hide” somewhere amid a Taliban takeover of the country. According to reports over the weekend, thousands of Americans streamed to Kabul International Airport in a desperate attempt to escape from the Taliban. Gunfire rings in the air as thousands stream into […] More

  • POLL: Should Wounded Veterans Receive The BEST POSSIBLE Medical Care?


    Funding the welfare state gets expensive and many are asking, “Where should we cut corners?” Recently a soldier injured by a blast injury in Afghanistan received the world’s first full genital transplant. (See full article here.) While many are happy he is able to lead a life that’s a little closer to normal, the political […] More