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  • DENY DENY DENY! House Managers Reject Trump Acquittal, Say He’s Not Exonerated


    The least-surprising verdict in recent history came down this past week when President Donald Trump was acquitted by the Senate after an impeachment trial that was never needed nor in any doubt. The constitutionally mandated 67 votes to remove the president were never going to be there and the only real question was whether there […] More

  • Pelosi Goes On Ridiculous Rant As She Melts Down Over Trump Acquittal Question


    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on an insane rant Thursday as impeachment imploded in the senate. President Trump’s defense team absolutely destroyed Schiff and the Dems, causing Pelosi to have a meltdown during a press conference. A reporter asked Pelosi if Trump will be “chastened” knowing “congress is watching him” or “emboldened” if the senate […] More