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  • POLL: Should Kids Get Flunked For Refusing To Study Islam?


    Students across America are being forced to study Islam. Schools claim these “multicultural studies” are harmless, while many believe they are a form of Islamic Indoctrination. One family went sued their daughter’s school because she was not allowed to opt-out of the assignments that violated her faith by making her recite words pledging to Allah. Her […] More

  • Child Punished For Refusing To Recite Islamic Professions Of Faith AT SCHOOL

    Islamic indoctrination should not be something we have to worry about in this country, but apparently it now is, under the guise of so-called “multiculturalism.” One family is fighting back after finding out some shocking news about what his daughter was being taught at La Plata High School. Retired marine, John Kevin Wood’s was disgusted to […] More