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  • POLL: Is Hillary Clinton a “Nasty Woman”?


    Donald Trump is famous for making comments that garner national headlines and, during the last Presidential debate, he’s done it again. In the final moments of the debate, Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman”, which drew laughs and jeers from the live audience. After Clinton made a point about Trump trying to “figure out” how […] More

  • POLL: Who Won The Final Presidential Debate?

    The third and final Presidential debate has concluded with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton taking questions from Fox News anchor, Chris Wallace.  Topics included the Supreme Court, the 2nd Amendment, Immigration, the national debt, the economy and the candidate’s fitness to be President. This final debate is the last for both candidates to make their […] More

  • POLL: Who Won The Second Presidential Debate?

    The second Presidential debate proved to be much more heated than the first with Hillary being pounded by Trump over her handling of classified information and the destruction of 33,000 emails and Trump answering questions over a leaked tape from 2005, which he called “locker room talk”. Which candidate was more effective in their attacks?  Take our […] More

  • POLL: Who Won The First Presidential Debate?

    The first Presidential Debate of 2016 has just come to an end and the mainstream media is trying their best to paint Hillary as the big winner.  The real opinions that matter, however, are YOURS.  Who do you feel won the first debate?  TAKE THE POLL BELOW then SHARE! (Also join the conversation; scroll down […] More