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  • Hammer the last nail into the coffin. Elect Hillary.

    The dust hasn’t quite settled over the FBI’s decision not to indict Hillary Clinton over her private server. Many are outraged. Some are relieved. But too many believe this decision only confirms that unlike most mortals, she is above the law and will never be held accountable for anything. I didn’t expect her to be […] More

  • Lyin’ Democrats or Business as Usual

    The House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing about why Hillary Clinton appears to be above the law. The Democrat/Socialists have made it clear that there are far more important things to be concerned about. Mainly gun violence delivered with their usual grandstanding of course. The Democrats have never, in my memory been concerned about […] More

  • Progressive Poison on the Move

    What an impartial, integrity driven jewel we have in The Department of Justice’s chief prosecutor Loretta Lynch. We learned yesterday that she had a private meeting with Bill Clinton on an airplane on a tarmac. The only trouble is Mrs. Clinton is under investigation by the DOJ and her husband is a possible witness. When […] More

  • Clinton, Warren, Oh God.

    Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are together on the campaign trail today (Monday, June 27, 2016) claiming most adamantly that Hillary is a jobs creator (and other lies.)  And Donald Trump isn’t.   Oh?  Since when?  Under Obama the economy has been deliberately oppressed to advance his Socialist agenda and as far as I know […] More

  • It’s Trump or Socialism

    Why must we be subjected to a Never Trump movement?  I’ve read 1,000 people are working out their game plan to persuade 1,000 delegates to revoke their support for Donald Trump.  But why?  Because he’s the only candidate that’s not advancing the Socialist agenda of the devils in sheep’s clothing that are Paul Ryan, Mitt […] More

  • Only One Candidate Wants to Save America

    Donald Trump is the only candidate who wishes to save America.  His record of great accomplishments, that no one in Washington could ever come near, confirms he has the skill and resourcefulness to save our Republic.   And his opposition is so completely ruthless.  Most in Washington hate him.  They oppose his pro American agenda […] More

  • Hillary, the Socialist.

    Hillary Clinton claims that Donald Trump does not have the proper temperament to be POTUS.  Does she?  Of course not.  She hasn’t the temperament, the judgment, the skills or the least amount of integrity necessary to run the country, improve the economy, or rebuild the infrastructure  Nor does she have any loyalty for the U.S.  […] More

  • With a Population and a Media Like Ours Who Needs Subversives?

    I can’t believe how accepting the press is of having Obama and Hillary make plans to import thousands of immigrants from third world countries into the U.S. They could very easily pose a great threat to our nation not to mention the massive costs involved. On the other hand, the media thinks Trump is evil […] More