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  • Hillary Clinton Claims To Embrace The LGBT Crowd But, Takes Money From Countries That Kill Gays?

    Hillary LGBT Hypcrite

    By Dominick Mezzapesa The tragic Orlando shooting robbed us of 49 extraordinary lives. That night has shown that green not rainbow is the true color of the democratic party and their presumptive Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. No matter how the media wants it portrayed Omar Mateen was not a “Muslim extremist” he was just your […] More

  • Democrat Propaganda Has African Americans Believing They Are Free

    Malcolm X Denounces Democrats

    By Dominick Mezzapesa The Bernie-bots with their #FeeltheBern, #NeverHillary and #BernieorBust hastags, for months blustered across social media with how the Bernie movement was the real, “Life-changing” and it was going to transform America forever. Even after losing the last primary in California Bernie declared he was never given, so his Bernie-bots shouldn’t either, […] More

  • #FreeMilo; Twitter Bans Gay Conservative Voice Milo Yiannopoulos


    Bad Milo… Now go to your room! Twitter confirmed it has permanently banned Breitbart Tech editor and gay Conservative instigator Milo Yiannopoulos for allegedly violating its “hateful conduct policy”. Milo has been suspended from Twitter before, so tonight’s suspension may or may not be permanent? Milo and Twitter have been at odds for years, with […] More

  • Obama Has a History of Plagiarizing Speeches But Liberals Hate Facts.

    In 2008 when accusations that Obama plagiarized a speech it was not started by any Republican but by Hillary Clinton herself. On February 16, Barack Obama gave a speech in Wisconsin, where he answered allegations from his main political rival, Hillary Clinton, that all he had to offer was “just words”. The Clinton campaign seized on […] More