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  • Desperate Crooked Hillary

    Crooked Hillary is a desperate woman. She’s corrupt & the evidence of facts are overwhelming. The People can see things she THOUGHT would remain under cover and she is panicking! One old, trusted tactic is the RACE CARD! Always useful when there’s a need to divert attention away from REAL issues! Donald Trump is now […] More

  • Who’s Fit To Be President?

    This day will go down in history as a “first”! The President of the United States, Barack Obama, worse president in history, leaving office with $20 Trillion debt, berated the Republican presidential candidate. Obama called the Nominee “Unfit to serve” mainly because the nominee, Donald J. Trump, is a self-made multi-billionaire! Mr. Trump has spent […] More

  • Why Donald Trump & Why We Need Him Now

    I attended a meeting with a friend shortly after returning from 3 years in Europe with my active duty military husband.  The Keynote speaker was a man named Art Williams!  Had no idea who he was, but by the end of the meeting, I felt like I could “do anything I was willing to work […] More