NASTY WOMAN: Nancy Pelosi Snaps At Black Woman, “Am I Speaking English to You?”

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Looks like Nancy Pelosi lost her cool today and snapped at reporter Rachel Scott.

Really bad look Nancy!

You’re better than this, or at least you should be.

When Rachel Scott was trying to ask Nancy questions about Joe Biden, she suddenly snapped and asked if she was “speaking English to you”.


Take a look:

Speaker Pelosi tells me Biden can win

She says she won’t make comments in the hallway about “the fate of our nation”

When I asked if Biden should run she said

“Am I speaking English to you? I’m not going to be making any statements about any of that right now in the hallway..”

Scott: Will you convey to President Biden what you said this morning?

Pelosi: I’m not having this conversation with you or anyone else about what I talked about with all due respect.

Scott: Do you believe that him waiting so long to make this decision…

Pelosi: I’m not making any comments in the hallway about the fate of our nation.

Scott: Are you concerned whether or not he can win in November?

Pelosi: I think he can win November.

Scott: Do you think he should run for reelection?

Pelosi: Am I speaking English to you?! I’m not gonna be making any statements about any of that right now in the hallway.

But you know what’s an even worse look for Nancy than that?


Why Does Nancy Pelosi Look Drunk As A Skunk…With FOUR Eyebrows?

I thought it was a good time to flashback to this after a reader brought it to my attention again today…

What in the world?

This is bad even by her standards.

I’m not saying she is 5 sheets to the wind drunk off her *butt*….I’m just asking the question: does this look like a sane and competent member of Congress to you?

Heck, a sane and competent member of society?

Would you let this woman watch your children?

Would you trust her with the keys to your car?


Ok, so the incoherent rambling is bad enough, but we’ve seen that before.

The bigger question is why does she appear to have FOUR eyebrows?


Are you ok?

Look, just watch and judge for yourself right here on Rumble:

What is happening here?

What are we looking at?

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