Airport Mechanic Sucked Into Boeing Engine, Dies Instantly

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An airport mechanic tragically passed away after being sucked into the engine of a Boeing commercial airplane.

The horrific incident occurred at Chabahar Konarak airport in southern Iran.

Aviation technician Abolfazl Amiri was reportedly doing routine maintenance work when the engine on the right wing was turned on for a test check with the cover flaps open.

Amiri walked towards the turbine, realizing he had forgotten a tool, and got sucked into the engine.

TMZ reports:

After Amiri was sucked in, the engine caught fire. Needless to say, he died instantly.

The plane was a Boeing 737-500 and it was part of Iranian domestic airline Varesh Airline’s fleet.

Iran’s aviation authority is now investigating the deadly incident.


It comes after another person was killed by a running plane engine at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport in May.

Passengers onboard a KLM plane heard the horrific death as they prepared for takeoff for Denmark.

In June last year, an airport worker was killed after he was sucked into a plane’s engine at San Antonio International Airport in Texas.

The death of David Renner, 27, was later ruled a suicide.

Airline worker Courtney Edwards, 34, was also tragically killed after being pulled into a jet engine in December 2022.

The gruesome incident “shook the entire plane” at Montgomery Regional Airport, Alabama, on New Year’s Eve.

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