Wait, Pete Buttigieg Is Not Actually Gay?

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EDITOR’S NOTE: We cannot confirm or deny if Pete Buttigieg is indeed gay or not.  By all public accounts, he claims to be gay and appears to be married to a man.  That seems awfully gay.  

Ok, buckle up folks, this is a bit of a strange one!

You know “Mayor Pete” of course?

Our current Transportation Secretary?

I know our Transportation system is at all time lows and functioning horribly, but that’s his current job.

Oh and he’s a very proud gay man.

At least, that’s what we’ve all been told.

Tucker Carlson, however, claims he has information to the contrary.

Just go ahead and watch this short clip:

Full video player here:

But it’s actually kind of interesting the more you dig into it a bit….

You actually start to find a lot of chatter, like this article from The NewYorker from 2020 claiming there is strong “Queer Opposition” to Pete because he’s not gay enough:

That’s odd!

Or this extremely strange clip saying he’d like to take a pill that would make him not gay:

Thou dost protest too much?

I don’t know.

Not related to being gay or not gay, I also stumbled upon this which does look a bit odd:

Gotta end with a laugh….

This post claims Pete is not gay, but only because he’s not actually a man in the first place! 🤣

For real though, who eats a Cinnabon like this?

Crimes against humanity!

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