An IMPORTANT Message For CONSERVATIVE Small Business Owners! [From NOAH]

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Hey friends, Noah here with a really important message for Small and Medium Sized Businesses…

Something very near and dear to ME personally.


Because running this website, I AM a “small business owner”.

I started this website from absolute ZERO in 2015.

No funding…

No experience…

No tools or anything to help me even get started.

I know how incredibly hard running a business can be!

I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and the thrill of building something and serving your community or serving the world at large by making the world BETTER in some small way is a HUGE reward.

But it ain’t easy!

There are great days and there are really, really tough days!

But here’s the deal…

There shouldn’t be an added level of difficulty placed on your just because you are a Conservative or just because you support President Trump.

That’s not fair.

That’s not a level playing field.

But that’s exactly what’s happening out there with Banks and Credit Card Processing companies.

I have heard so many reports of Banks and Credit Card Processors just shutting off small businesses — completely shutting them down, overnight with no warning!



Because they did something wrong?

Something criminal?


Because of their BELIEFS.

Because they are Conservative.

Because they believe in God.

Because they support Trump.

And/or all of the above!

I know many of you have experienced this first-hand yourself, but for those that haven’t it’s coming!

Check out this from the Wall Street Journal:

This from NPR:

And this from The Heritage Foundation:

Notice a theme?

It’s nasty out there!

But now I want to talk solutions, because I hate to ever just leave you with a problem and no answer.

Here’s the great news….

I have a Credit Card Processing Company that LOVES Patriots!

It’s ran by a good friend of mine who I actually interviewed about a month ago — Pepe Deluxe!

You can watch that full interview right here on Rumble:

Pepe runs a company is called OneSourceSolutions and his mission is to provide credit card processing to small and medium sized businesses.

He explains the meaning behind the name in our interview above.

Of course, the best part is he LOVES Conservatives (because he is one – Big League!) and so he does everything in his power to make sure you never get shut down simply because of your views or beliefs.

What a novel concept!

He can also help you navigate the fees involved and often help you take home a LOT more each month that you are currently netting by helping you understand how to manage and modify the fees normally charged by credit cards.

I absolutely love what he’s doing and I am so excited to connect YOU to HIM so that we can build out this portion of the Parallel Economy.

If you can’t accept credit card payments you likely can’t stay in business, so this is VITAL.

Here are the links your need:

OneSourceSolutions 👉

Pepe on Telegram 👉

Pepe on Twitter 👉

If you are interested in seeing whether they can help you, go here ( and tell them Noah sent you!

Or use promo code WLT or just tell him Noah sent you…and they’ll hook you up with some extra freebie stuff!

I’d love to hear how many people we are able to help with this.

Please stay in touch with me and shoot me an email or comment and let me know if this can help you.

Bit by bit, we are building out the Parallel Economy and we’re helping Patriots STAY IN BUSINESS and continue to serve the world around them!

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