JUST IN: Joe Biden Remains Defiant, Sends Letter To Congressional Democrats Saying He’s “Firmly Committed” To Race

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Despite the calls from House Democrats to withdraw from the presidential election, Joe Biden still refuses to step aside.

Biden sent a letter to Democrats Monday morning saying he’s “firmly committed” to staying in the race.

“In a new letter to Congressional Democrats, President Joe Biden vows to stay in the race suggesting those calling him to step aside are defying the will of the voters,” MSNBC stated.

“I want you to know that despite all the speculation in the press and elsewhere, I am firmly committed to staying in this race, to running this race to the end, and to beating Donald Trump,” the letter read.

“I wouldn’t be running again if I did not absolutely believe I was the best person to beat Donald Trump in 2024,” it continued.

“The question of how to move forward has been well-aired for over a week now. And it’s time for it to end. We have one job. And that is to beat Donald Trump. We have 42 days to the Democratic Convention and 119 days to the general election. Any weakening of resolve or lack of clarity about the task ahead only helps Trump and hurts us. It is time to come together, move forward as a unified party, and defeat Donald Trump,” it added.

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CNN reports:

It’s a critical week for Biden’s political future as he seeks to tamp down intensifying fallout with the House and Senate back in session for the first time since the debate. More than a handful of top House Democrats told Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries on Sunday that Biden needs to step aside amid concerns about down-ballot Democratic races.

The president will continue his outreach to Democratic lawmakers this week, a campaign official tells CNN. Tuesday will be a consequential day as members are set hold a planned caucus meeting with Jeffries, and one member told CNN they anticipate that is the day when the dam will break.

Congress returns to Washington on Tuesday for the first time since the June 27 debate on CNN that prompted widespread concern over Biden’s ability to secure a victory for Democrats in November and to serve an additional four years in office.

In the week following his disastrous debate performance, Biden personally reached out to roughly 20 House Democrats, a campaign official tells CNN, and has spoken with party leaders — including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, and Reps. Nancy Pelosi and James Clyburn — with a goal of reassuring them that the concerns within the party are being heard.

“This morning, I sent a letter to my fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill. In it, I shared my thoughts about this moment in our campaign. It’s time to come together, move forward as a unified party, and defeat Donald Trump,” Joe Biden’s X account wrote.

“Lawmakers have told Axios they expect calls for Biden’s withdrawal to grow once the House and Senate return. Biden’s letter is a clear attempt to tamp down those calls before they arise,” Axios wrote.

Per Axios:

Biden has faced public calls from five House Democrats to drop out of the race, with several committee ranking members adding their voices to that chorus in a private call on Sunday.

Many more Democrats have privately expressed the view that Biden needs to drop out, and an even larger group has voiced concerns about his ability to take on former President Trump.

The Biden campaign’s efforts to address those concerns, largely by dismissing the president’s doubters, have stirred further discord among his fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill.

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