EXCLUSIVE: Cal State”Gender” Academic Inspired Pedophilic Fantasy On Castrating, Enslaving Young Boys

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CONTENT NOTICE: This article contains graphic mention of child sexual abuse and child physical abuse. Reader discretion is appreciated.

Reduxx has learned that a Professor Emeritus at California State University and a top consultant to the world’s leading transgender health authority directly contributed to an erotic story featuring themes of the graphic mutilation and sexual slavery of children.

In 2022, Reduxx exposed a number of academics for their role in a disturbing website known as the Eunuch Archive, a long-standing forum which hosts nearly 10,000 “erotic” stories of an extreme sadomasochistic nature. In addition to hosting the fantasy material, a discussion forum exists to provide support and community to men who identify as “eunuchs,” and seek to be or are already castrated.

The investigation into the Eunuch Archive began after it was directly referenced in a document drafted by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), an international body which sets the standards for transgender healthcare. In a draft of their Standards of Care 8, WPATH included a chapter on a “eunuch gender identity,” which it defined as men who “wish to eliminate masculine physical features, masculine genitals, or genital functioning.”

Mentioned as a source in the chapter was the Eunuch Archive and its collection of castration fantasy material.

Though members of the deranged forum attempted to remain anonymous, Reduxx was able to unmask some of the top contributors and administrators, learning that at least three of them were academics with direct ties to WPATH.

One, Richard J. Wassersug, has for over 20 years used the alias “Eunuchunique”on the forum. Wassersug was an Honorary professor in the Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences at the University of British Columbia, but has also been affiliated with Dalhousie and La Trobe Universities.

Another, Krister H. Willette, who has been active in the community since 1998, uses the screen name “Kristoff.” While a third, and arguably the most well-regarded member of the forum, was revealed to be Thomas W. Johnson, a professor emeritus at California State University-Chico who has lectured extensively on gender dysphoria and “expanding the transgender umbrella.” Johnson utilized the moniker “Jesus” on the Eunuch Archive.

While all three men have direct connections to WPATH and contributed to papers and conferences organized by the association, documents provided as evidence in an ongoing court case have recently revealed that Johnson had been the chapter lead for WPATH’s “eunuch” update in the Standards of Care 8.

This revelation comes just as Reduxx has now obtained confirmation that Johnson was directly participating in ghostwriting disturbing fantasies about castrating boys under his anonymous screen name.

One notable example is a story titled “Larry,” which is prefaced as being an “original nightmare by Jesus.” The story is written in an imaginary future where the law allows any adult to “sell himself or herself, or any parent to sell a child over the age of 10.”

The story’s narrator is a pedophilic slave trader who buys “attractive” children from destitute mothers following the abolishment of government assistance. While employing heavily racist tropes, the narrator purchases the titular character, a 10-year-old Black child, from his impoverished mother.

The narrator boasts of buying many children, presumably all Black, from “the projects,” and suggests the mothers are primarily single parents and drug addicts.

“I marveled at the social disintegration that had gone on in the Projects since the end of welfare and the explosion of drug addiction. I could see the mother planning what she could do with a little more drug money. At least ten year olds were almost always clean,” the story reads from the narrator’s perspective. “When someone brought in a twelve year old, I always had to worry about drugs. After all, getting them detoxed and healthy again for resale was time-consuming and expensive.”

Not even halfway into the story, the 10-year-old child is put in chains and iron restraints before being castrated without anesthetic.

An excerpt from “Larry.”

During a physical examination conducted by the narrator, the child is described as “even more beautiful without his clothes.” The narrator is later described as sharing a bed with the boy and “massaging his little genitals.”

Under his moniker, Johnson also encouraged site members to submit fantasies of castrating children in a dystopian setting wherein eugenics had become enforced by the government. The framework for the fictional world was drafted by a site member who called himself Erik, in a story titled “The Making of the Modern World.”

“Erik and I would both like to encourage readers to create additional stories for the Archive set in this future world. Erik would like first person accounts of boys becoming drones,” Johnson wrote as “Jesus.”

Within Erik’s “world,” an authoritarian government had passed The Eugenics Act, which “required the examination of all children, nation-wide, during their fourteenth year to determine whether or not they were fit to reproduce.” Children who are not deemed intelligent enough are “sterilized.”

But using his real name, Johnson has become known for his influence in the push to normalize “eunuch identities.” But his efforts have not been met without some resistance in the medical community, even amongst the WPATH members themselves.

Newly released internal records show that many WPATH members opposed the inclusion of the “eunuch” chapter in the most recent Standards of Care. The records were presented in the legal dispute Boe v. Marshall, taking place in the District Court of Alabama, which seeks to prohibit the medical ‘transitioning’ of minors.

Heavily redacted emails exchanged between WPATH members and Johnson show many questioning the logic behind it.

“I struggle with the concept of ‘Eunuch as a gender identity’, but not with the concept of ‘Eunuch as an
identity’; I can understand (I think) ‘someone who identifies as Eunuch and experiences gender dysphoria (or gender incongruence), but struggle with the concept of subsuming ‘Eunuch’ as an identity under TGD,” reads one of the emails, the author of which is unknown.

Another email shows an unnamed individual expressing confusion over two “controversial” chapters of the SOC-8, including the Eunuch category, which “makes no sense.”

“I would really appreciate a chat with you about this before I step up, because I am not letting this go for the sake of anyone other than following logic and reason,” the WPATH member states.

Yet another individual whose name has been redacted wrote in detail about “very serious misgivings” regarding the Eunuch recommendations, stating bluntly that the definition of a eunuch is “a man who has been castrated.”

The writer continues: “There is the creation of a new term, ‘male-to-eunuch gender dysphoria’, which does not exist in any diagnostic health classification system… The majority of published reference works in this Chapter stems from one single person, who – as far as I am aware of, is not a HP [health practitioner].”

“I have been working full-time as a trans health specialist… since 2007. Our Centre has approximately 3000 current patients and we receive in excess of [one] thousand new referrals per annum. I have NEVER met a patient who identified as Eunuch and consequently, I am extremely skeptical about the veracity of this Chapter.”

“As the chapter lead for the WPATH Standards of Care chapter on eunuchs, I was very surprised and disappointed by your very long set of comments about the chapter. Yours was one of the longest and the most negative,” reads the email.

The message goes on to defend the Eunuch chapter of the SOC-8 by citing research conducted among members of an anonymous sadomasochistic castration fetish forum. This research, the email’s author notes, were published by WPATH within the International Journal of Transgenderism.

The first paper, published in 2010, establishes “the development of standards of care for individuals with a male-to-eunuch gender identity disorder.” The second paper, dated 2016, calls for “recognition of gender variants outside the binary in WPATH Standards of Care.”

However, despite the stated objections shared internally, the Eunuch chapter was included in the final version of the SOC-8.

Additionally, when WPATH released the SOC-8 in September 2022, the guidelines had done away with specific age restrictions on medical ‘transitioning’ entirely, and reduced the age at which youth could potentially receive “puberty-blocking” drugs, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries.

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