Even CNN’s Top Medical Expert Now Makes The Case For Biden To Receive Cognitive Testing

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Sources on the right have been pilloried as ageist and bitterly partisan in recent years for calling on Joe Biden to undergo testing amid evidence of his diminished cognitive abilities.

In the wake of his disastrous performance in the election season’s first presidential debate, however, a growing number of experts from across the political spectrum have started making similar recommendations.

As CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta said during a recent appearance on the network, per Breitbart:

“The halting speech, sometimes, the confused rambling, Paula, but also, other things as well, such as reduced volume of speech, that can be something that is important from a neurological perspective. And also, the loss of facial expression, sometimes associated with certain movement disorders, that can also have an impact on cognition. Again, nobody is saying that these things, in and of themselves, are diagnostic of anything. But I think that the message, pretty unanimously, was, it would be recommended by everyone to get more testing to sort of figure out, are we looking at something that is episodic, these little episodes, or is it reflective of something that is deeper, a condition of some sort that could be diagnosed and potentially even treated?”

Plenty of other voices have chimed in on the subject in recent days:

Other doctors, including the former White House physician, have long called on Biden to undergo such an examination.

As the New York Post reported:

President Biden likely suffers from a “cognitive disease” and should not only drop out of the presidential race but resign immediately, according to the former White House physician and current Republican Congressman who served former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

“This is a national security issue,” Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson told The Post after Biden’s disastrous debate performance. “As an American, I think he needs to step down and he needs to be immediately removed from office.”

Before entering politics, Jackson served as Obama’s personal physician between 2013 and 2016.

Here’s a clip from Gupta’s recent remarks:

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