Robert F. Kennedy Jr. To Appear On State’s Presidential Ballot After Receiving Libertarian Party Nomination

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will appear on Colorado’s presidential ballot after receiving the nomination from the state’s Libertarian Party.

“The Libertarian Party of Colorado Board of Directors passed a resolution voting in favor of a groundbreaking partnership with the independent presidential campaign of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. This collaboration aims to disrupt the entrenched two-party system and provide Colorado voters with a viable alternative in the upcoming 2024 presidential election,” the Libertarian Party of Colorado announced.

“The first presidential debate of the 2024 election highlighted major flaws and issues that all voters, especially unaffiliated and disenfranchised voters, have with the status quo candidates. Now, more than ever, is the time to take bold action to disrupt the authoritarian duopoly machine. As part of this partnership, the Libertarian Party of Colorado will place the Kennedy/Shanahan ticket on the Colorado state ballot for president and vice president. This move reflects our commitment to offering voters a choice that transcends the traditional partisan divide and promotes individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government,” the statement continued.

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. shares many of the Libertarian Party’s core principles, including a commitment to civil liberties, free markets, and a non-interventionist foreign policy. His campaign’s focus on ending corporate welfare, reducing government spending, and protecting the environment aligns with our values and resonates with Colorado voters. In addition, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a signatory of LPCO’s Presidential Liberty Pledge, affirming his alignment with many of the positions libertarians strongly hold, and its contents will be released at a later date,” it continued.

“By joining forces with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign, the Libertarian Party of Colorado aims to build a broad coalition of voters who are tired of the status quo and seek a fresh, principled alternative. We believe that this partnership will help us reach new audiences, expand our support base, and make a significant impact on the 2024 presidential election in Colorado. We encourage all Colorado voters to learn more about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign and the Libertarian Party’s platform. Together, we can break the stranglehold of the two-party system and create a more free, prosperous, and just society,” the statement concluded.

Per Colorado Politics:

Kennedy, who initially sought the Democratic presidential nomination before announcing that he was running as an independent, launched a petition drive in late May to secure a spot on Colorado’s ballot. The environmental attorney won’t need to turn in signatures by next week’s deadline, however, after winning the endorsement from the Libertarians, whose status as one of the state’s minor political parties brings with it the ability to send candidates directly to the fall ballot.

The 70-year-old scion of one of the country’s most prominent political families, Kennedy is the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy and the son of Robert F. Kennedy, the former U.S. attorney general and New York senator whose 1968 presidential run was cut short by an assassin’s bullet. Earlier this year, numerous members of the Kennedy family announced they were endorsing Democratic President Joe Biden.

The Libertarian Party of Colorado announced ‘The Presidential Liberty Pledge’ earlier this week.

“Yesterday, we celebrated our Independence Day! The Founding Fathers declared independence from Britain and stated, ‘that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government’. With that spirit in mind, we are proud to announce the contents of the LPCO Presidential Liberty Pledge. The pledge affirms the common interests of the Kennedy-Shanahan Campaign and LPCO and solidifies our joint interest in reducing the size and scope of government,” the Libertarian Party of Colorado stated.

“The D.C. swamp, and its permanent administrative state, has become destructive to these ends: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” the party added.

The pledge included the following:

1) I will immediately work to pull funding for foreign military aid and push aggressively for peace negotiations for all foreign conflicts.
2) I will oppose a military draft, should any foreign conflicts escalate.
3) I will audit and reduce foreign aid spending.
4) I will work to remove the presidential war powers and return those powers back to Congress.
5) I will recognize the egregious abuses by the US intelligence agencies, and work towards reducing their power with the end goal of abolishing them entirely.
6) I will include auditing the Federal Reserve in my four-year plan.
7) I will prioritize reducing the size of government and funding of all three letter agencies.
8) I will abolish the Department of Education, returning education back to local control. Federal education subsidies for poor urban and rural schools will come with no strings attached, in order to preserve local autonomy.
9) I will uphold freedom of the press by pardoning Julian Assange.
10) I will protect whistle-blowers by pardoning Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Reality Winner, and others.
11) I will protect internet freedom by pardoning Ross Ulbricht.
12) I will always protect and uphold the right to bear arms. I will veto and otherwise move to abolish all unconstitutional gun laws.
13) I will support and uphold the freedoms afforded to the American people as set forth by our Founding Fathers in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.


* Image from Libertarian Party of Colorado X Post *

Colorado Public Radio reports:

This move comes after the Colorado Libertarian Party voted to reject the national party’s candidate for president, Chase Oliver. Party chairwoman Hannah Goodman said on the libertarian podcast, Free State Colorado, that Oliver and his running mate, Mike ter Maat, did not share the state party’s core values.

“He really doesn’t even necessarily represent Libertarians across the nation. I was told by his campaign that he’s ‘broadly libertarian,’ whatever that means,” she said. Goodman told the podcast the party disagrees with Oliver’s positions on the COVID-19 response and transgender youth.

Kennedy Jr. has been gathering signatures in Colorado to have his name appear on the ballot as an Independent. His campaign had until July 11 to turn in 12,000 valid signatures, but this partnership with the Libertarian party makes that effort unnecessary.

Nationally, Kennedy Jr.’s campaign for ballot access has been expensive, leading to steep debt and layoffs among his staff. He has already secured ballot access in Illinois, New York and Utah.

“Thank you, Libertarian Party of Colorado and Chair Hannah Goodman for your visionary leadership in defense of freedom,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said.

“Together, we will win the White House and steadfastly protect the Bill of Rights, the First and Second Amendments, and all the foundational liberties they secure. Our administration will restore free markets, end corporate welfare, stop the money-printing and unwind the war machine it fuels. On day one, I will pardon Edward Snowden, Ross Ulbricht, and all political and corporate whistleblowers who protect our democracy,” he added.

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