Dr. Stanley Monteith: The Forbidden Secret — Part 1 of 3

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Some of you may know the name Dr. Stanley Monteith….and if you do, you have my sincere respect.

But I am guessing many people have never heard of him, which is why I want to bring him to the forefront right now.

Dr. Monteith was a legend, a pioneer, a man before his time.

Dr. Monteith was a Deplorable before anyone knew what the name meant.

He was famous for exposing the secret societies in America and across the world.

For those of you who do NOT like me talking bad about the Freemasons, you’re really not going to like Dr. Monteith.

The rest of you will love him.

I saved these videos from YEARS ago, knowing one day I would reintroduce them to the world.

And now that we have over 6 million people each month reading this website, it seems like the perfect time to introduce Dr. Monteith to you all.

Please watch this from Rumble (and you might want to bookmark it too, trust me):

Dr. Monteith died several years ago, but his legacy will live on.

And now so will these videos.

God bless you Dr. Monteith!

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