Bill and Hillary Clinton Spotted Flying Commercial….With No Secret Service Agents?

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What is going on here?

Why are Bill and Hillary Clinton reportedly flying commercial and with no Secret Service protection?

Let’s dig in and I’ll break it all down…

Let’s start right here with this post and video from RealAF Patriot:

All presidents and spouses are entitled to lifetime Secret Service protection.

Due to security details, flying commercial usually isn’t a viable option.

Why would former President Bill Clinton be flying commercial with 2 cops as his security detail?

In fact, how come every time we see Bill Clinton out and about, he is never with Secret Service?

Most of the time, the people around him don’t even acknowledge him!

Full video player here:

Grok confirms:

A lot of people have a lot of questions…

Why are they flying commercial?

Where’s the Secret Service?

Where is the Secret Service?

It’s possible they are trying to be inconspicuous, but aren’t they usually tightly flanking the President and his family?

These police officers are NOT Secret Service….

And why are they flying commercial anyway?

Aren’t the Clintons reportedly worth over $100 million?

You really mean to tell me they can’t fly private just off the interest that money makes them each month?

I actually have a different theory….

I think these things are almost always staged.

So why would the Clintons stage themselves looking so “normal” and “slumming it” by flying commercial with all the rest of us plebs?

One simple answer if you ask me….

She’s running.

REPORT: Hillary Clinton Will Replace Biden? You Have To See The Latest Evidence!

REPORT: Hillary Clinton Will Replace Biden? You Have To See The Latest Evidence!

Are you ready for Hillary Clinton to run for President (and lose) a third time/

It's looking like you might get your wish.

With Joe Biden almost certain to die, step down or be removed prior to the election, popular speculation has placed Michelle Obama and Gavin Newsom as his most likely replacements.

Of course there's also Kamala Harris to deal with....

Other contenders have emerged like (the awful) Gretchen Whitmer from Michigan, or even outsiders like The Rock or Oprah, designed to take on President Trump's populist appeal.

But one name has remained mostly out of the discussion:  Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Or as she once called herself: Hill-Rod

This Is Why I Call Her Hill-Rod

Ready for Hillary 3.0?

Let me explain why she's suddenly shooting up the ranks of possible replacements....

I'm not just picking this out of thin air.

We start with this post from Buzz Patterson who is not just a random Twitter user but rather someone who literally once carried the Nuclear Football during his time serving as the Air Force Military Aide for Bill Clinton.  Patterson writes the following:

I’m hearing rumors from several sources that the Democrats are planning to dump Joe Biden after the upcoming debate and replace him. It’s not going to be with Kamala Harris. It’s going to be Hillary Clinton.

As some of you know, I was the Air Force Military Aide for Bill Clinton, lived in the White House, traveled everywhere they traveled, and carried the “nuclear football.” As such, I was always in close proximity to both Bill and Hill.

Among the military who served in the White House and the professional White House staff, the Clinton administration was infamously known for its lack of professionalism and courtesy, though few ever spoke about it. But when it came to rudeness, it was Hillary Clinton who was the most feared person in the administration. She set the tone. From the very first day of my assignment.

When I first arrived to work in the White House, my predecessor warned me. “You can get away with pissing off Bill, but if you make her mad, she’ll rip your heart out.” I heeded those words. I did make him mad a few times, but I never really pissed her off. I knew the ramifications. I learned very quickly that the administration’s day-to-day character, whether inside or outside of DC, depended solely on the presence or absence of Hillary. Her reputation preceded her. We used to say that when Hillary was gone, it was a frat party. When she was home, it was “Schindler’s List.”

In my first few days on the job — and remember, I essentially lived there — I realized there were different rules for Hillary. She instructed the senior staff, including me, that she didn’t want to be forced to encounter us. We were instructed that “Whenever Mrs. Clinton is moving through the halls, be as inconspicuous as possible.” She did not want to see “staff” and be forced to “interact” with anyone — no matter their position in the building.

Many a time, I’d see mature, professional adults, working in the most important building in the world, scurrying into office doorways to escape Hillary’s line of sight. I’d hear whispering, “She’s coming, she’s coming!” I could be walking down a West Wing hallway, midday, busier than hell, people doing the administration’s work, whether in the press office, medical unit, wherever. She’d walk in, and they’d scatter. She was the Nazi schoolmarm, and the rest of us were expected to hide as though we were kids in trouble. I wasn’t a kid. I was a professional officer and pilot. I said, “I’m not doing that.”

There was also a period of time when she attempted to ban military uniforms in the White House. It was the reelection year of 1996, and she was trying to craft the narrative that the military was not a priority in the Clinton administration. As a military aide, carrying the football and working closely with the Secret Service, I objected to that. It simply wasn’t a matter of her political agenda; it was national security. If the balloon went up, the Secret Service would need to find me as quickly as possible. Seconds matter. Finding the aide in military uniform made complete sense. Besides, what commander-in-chief wouldn’t want to advertise his leadership and command? She finally relented because the Secret Service weighed in.

If the Democrats dump Biden, and I think they’re going to have to, good ole Hill will be on the shortlist. If she runs, I will dedicate this space to raining hell on her campaign. The Clintons are corrupt beyond words. Hillary is evil, vindictive, and profane.

But if it were just one Twitter post from one person, I would not be writing this article.

There's a lot more and I'll save the best for last.

Next are Vegas betting odds, which now suddenly have Hillary Clinton added as a candidate.  While she's still coming in very low, she's now on the list:

Some are asking if she replaces Biden or Harris, but I can tell you that Hillary Clinton is so arrogant and so evil she would never allow herself to be "only" the VP:

Never forget Kim Clement telling us the enemy will do everything in its power to put a WITCH in the White House:

Which, to be fair, I suppose could apply to Harris, Whitmer or Hillary.  Or Michelle.

But I want to end with the most compelling evidence of all, and a big shoutout to a reader for sending me this (thanks JQ!).

Hillary has just launched a new website called "The Office of Hillary Rodham Clinton":

It's true...

I verified it myself and you can find it right here:

Screenshot here in case it gets taken down:

NOTE the 2024 copyright in the bottom footer.  The site is NEW.  It's not some old website she's had forever.

But that's not the key part.

A website itself doesn't mean she's running for President.

Heck, I have this website at and I'm not running!

The key part is this page:

Here's another screenshot in case this gets taken down:

Folks, read it....that's a policy page.

Look at all the buzzwords that tell you in no uncertain terms she is running!

"As president, Hillary will:"

"On day one, Hillary Clinton will..."

Folks, she can't make it any clearer than that.

It sure looks to me like Hillary is running!

Who's ready for this moment again?

Or maybe this one?

Let's do this!

Welcome to the race, Hill-Rod!

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