WATCH: Joy Reid Has Massive Meltdown Over President Trump

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All he does is win….

And all MSDNC does is have meltdown after meltdown.

Today it’s Joy Reid’s turn to melt, and she did it quite well!

And by “quite well” I mean it was awful and hard to watch.

Also, where is the wig?

Bring the Trump wig back ASAP please!

Take a look right here, courtesy of Dom Lucre:

🔥🚨DEVELOPING: MSNBC host Joy Reid is having a ‘psychotic episode.’ Reid uploaded this video going on an emotional rant against Donald Trump comparing him to Hitler and saying she will vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is.

“Let me know when you guys are finished fighting amongst yourselves, who I gotta vote for in November to keep Hitler out the White House.

“Don’t text me anymore just let me know when you guys are figuring it out Democrats”

“If it’s Biden in a coma, I don’t even particularly like the guy, his polices? I don’t like em, he’s not Donald Trump right?” I’m voting for him. This is about keeping HitIer out the White House.”

This might be the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

Full video player right here:

Meanwhile….can anyone tell me if she hates Trump so much why did she adopt his hairstyle?

For real, she could have chosen any style wig she wanted but she ordered up the Trump wig!


FLASHBACK: Jason Whitlock Says Joy Reid Is a High Satanic Priestess In The Alphabet Cult

FLASHBACK: Jason Whitlock Says Joy Reid Is a High Satanic Priestess In The Alphabet Cult

No folks, this not hyperbole...

It's not exaggeration...

It's not satire.

This is a straight news article where I am giving you both a video interview and a written Op-Ed from Jason Whitlock where he says point-blank that Joy Reid is a High Satanic Priestess in the Alphabet Cult.

Yes, really.

NOTE: this is Jason Whitlock saying it, not me.  

If you ever doubted whether there would be a Great Awakening of the masses, doubt no more.

Because I never dreamed in my lifetime we'd have someone on prime time TV on Fox News claiming someone in the Media is a High Satanic Priestess.

Yet here it was on Tucker Carlson this week.

By the way, I have no knowledge on this topic either way, but I will say this....I've really come to like Jason Whitlock.

The man does his own research and thinks for himself, two traits that are in short supply in the Media these days.

So Jason, I appreciate what you do!

I may not agree with everything he says, and I'm sure he doesn't agree with everything I have ever said, but I appreciate this man and what he's doing for the TRUTH Movement and for Journalism in America.

Keep up the good work Jason.

Below is the video clip of the interview and then scroll down for the Op-Ed he wrote:


In a separate clip, Whitlock said this:

Here is the Op-Ed Jason Whitlock wrote in The Blaze (I've bolded the key part):

First, here is the headline:

And now the article:

The Alphabet Mafia owns Joy Reid, the black MSNBC cultural overseer at the Rachel Maddow plantation.

Soldiers in the alternative lifestyle wing of the BLMLGBTQ+ Alphabet Mafia captured Reid four years ago when a Twitter user unearthed her homo-hostile blog posts from the late 2000s. Massa Maddow and the other heads of the Alphabet Mafia families — including Don Obama, Don Pelosi, Don Soros, and the don of all dons, Xi Jinping — made Reid an offer she couldn't refuse.

They threatened to chop off her TV career if she maintained the beliefs she developed as a Christian. After initially claiming a hacker framed her as a Christian, Reid eventually disavowed her religious upbringing and admitted that membership in the MSNBC cult was too lucrative to justify hanging on to outdated moral codes.

She packed her bags and moved into Massa Maddow's big house, landing a coveted timeslot and the important role of overseeing black culture and thought. Reid is a giant symbol of the rewards awaiting black women and their male idolaters for abandoning their religious views in favor of evangelizing for the Democratic Party and the Alphabet Mafia.

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Joy Reid has no discernible broadcasting skill. Broken glass is smoother than her delivery. Her ideas and point of view are Twitter-deep. Al Sharpton has better hair than the endless array of weaves Reid has imported from Xi Jinping's private stock.

Yet Joy Reid earns a seven-figure salary and talks to America during prime time. No wonder women have lost all respect for men. Can't you envision Joy Reid, Jemele Hill, and Don Lemon on a girls' night out laughing at Judas?

"Girl, Judas settled for 30 pieces of silver. He thought he got the bag. If you gonna sell out, get the bag for real, for real."

I bring all this up because this week, Joy Reid has had to earn her salary. There's trouble in the big house. The rapper and singer Nicki Minaj disobeyed the Commission. She publicly expressed vaccine hesitancy, which pissed off the don of all dons and the other heads of the Great Reset families.

Via Pravda, I mean Twitter, Minaj shared a story about a man allegedly having a bad reaction to the vaccine. His testicles allegedly swelled, he became impotent, and his fiancee dumped him. This all allegedly happened in Trinidad, where Minaj's family hails from. Minaj said she's still researching and debating whether to get the vaccine. She advised her 22 million followers to pray and make sure they're comfortable with their vaccine decision — not bullied.

It's an extremely reasonable position to take ... unless you're a member of the Hollywood cult and Alphabet Mafia. Cult members are instructed to avoid thinking and prayer. They're told to follow and obey. The Commission ordered Reid to lash Minaj in front of other cult members. On Tuesday, Reid promptly attacked Minaj on MSNBC. Minaj fired back via social media, setting off a week-long war that included air support from Fox News host Tucker Carlson (Team Nicki) and CNN's Don Lemon (Team Joy) and Comedy Central's Trevor Noah (Team Joy).

Carlson's support of Minaj sparked the typical Alphabet Mafia response: "Carlson is racist, and if a racist says water is wet, then water is really dry."

Minaj stood firm, tweeting: "Right. I can't speak to, agree with, even look at someone from a particular political party. People aren't human any more. If you're black and a Democrat tells you to shove marbles up your ass, you simply have to. If another party tells you to look out for that bus, stand there and get hit."

Last night, from the front porch of Massa Maddow's big house, Reid blasted Minaj for garnering the backing of conservative pundits. Reid labeled Carlson and the Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro as anti-vax, right-wing bomb-throwers. I believe Carlson is vaccinated. Shapiro is a strong proponent of the vaccine. Reid has been instructed to frame anyone who is hesitant about mandating the vaccine as a racist Trump supporter. Reid doesn't think. She does what she's told. She's owned by the Alphabet Mafia. The fact that black people, the most obedient members of the Democratic Party, are America's most vaccine-hesitant is lost on her. She took to the airwaves Thursday night and ranted about how Carlson and Shapiro are using Minaj (the way Massa Maddow uses Reid).

"They need and crave authentic members of the culture, hip-hop culture," Reid told her viewers. "Let's just be clear, (Carlson and Shapiro) look down on that culture and hate that culture and would never, ever, ever support someone like Nicki Minaj other than to pull her on to their team. Case in point, Laura Ingraham once criticized President Obama for just meeting with Ms. Minaj, citing the profanity in her lyrics. But they need her right now. And let's not forget the freak out the right had over the WAP lyrics by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, or Lil Nas X for giving the devil a lap dance in a music video. The right has no use for people in the culture until they're useful for the purposes of hurting people in the culture."

Little Nasty X-rated, the rapper, built a following among young children with the song Old Town Road. He's now making music videos featuring prison sex, prison shower scenes, and descending to hell to ride the devil's rod, and Joy Reid is on national TV proclaiming it a culture worth defending.

Joy Reid is a high priestess in a satanic cult. She went from homo-hostile blog posts to a Jesus-hostile television show.

I hope it's worth the money.

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